Link The Tour With The App

NAVITIME for JapanTravel

Carry around and search routes for the tour schedule in your smartphone.


Your tour will be displayed in a timeline, with detailed information of the locations.
It can be customized by searching new spots along the itinerary, or adding days before or after the tour.


Your planned schedule will also be shown on a map.
The actual route to travel from spot to spot can be searched directly from your itinerary.

App Informtation

About App

Plan your trip by discovering hidden spots from articles and maps
and the app will guide you with the most efficient navigation.
  • MAP

    Search offline for various spots near you. The map displays your current position and the distance to your desired spots such as:
    • Free WIFI hotspots
    • ATMs
    • Train stations
  • MAP

    Type in your preferred point of depatrure and your destination, and the app will show your the most efficient way to get there
    • Train route map
    • Station lists
    • Japan Rail Pass prioritized routes
  • MAP

    Get to know the basics of traveling in Japan through articles written by foreign authors residing in Japan.,
    How to…
    • Get online in Japan
    • Use public transport
    • Enjoy Japanese culture
  • MAP

    Plan your own trip by discovering new destinations from our recommended spots, adding them in your itinerary and we’ll give you the estimated time and costs
    • Plan route map
    • Schedule on timeline
    • Automatic calculation of movement time